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Located in Berwyn, Illinois, Diaz Case Law provides legal representation to residents throughout Cook County on a wide range of matters.

Our attorneys are ready to assist you with family law matters, including divorce and allocation of parental responsibilities, real estate matters, including home foreclosure and eviction assistance, immigration, civil litigation, corporate law, workers compensation, and criminal defense.

As immigration lawyers, we work on cases involving deportation defense as well as assist individuals navigating the immigration process in Illinois. We help many clients as criminal defense attorneys, representing them fairly and fighting for their rights.

As child custody lawyers, we put the child’s interest first and foremost, and we consider all parties, including parental, father’s, and grandparents’ rights, working towards joint custody in cases where this approach is the correct one. We can also represent you as your foreclosure attorney when the bank or another entity is trying to remove you from your home. Turn to our law office for assistance with any legal battle you may be facing.


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Our team works collaboratively, joining forces to increase our impact on cases and ensure nothing gets missed. With more than 15 years of combined legal experience and extensive legal backgrounds, we work diligently to find the best solution for you, whatever your circumstances may be, and we strive to do so in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

When you need a solid legal team to help you with a family law matter, resolve an immigration or DACA issue, defend against a DUI, or help with a real estate closing, we can assist.

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